Welcome to The Morning Workout,

I believe it is important to warm up for the day, and The Morning Workout does just that. It assists to improve your metabolism and circulation. Thus prevents cardiovascular disease.

I also believe that starting the day with a light workout is best and it is on this ethos that engendered The Morning Workout.

Importantly, The Morning Workout is best done before breakfast.

Let's build the Temple from within.

The Morning Workout Routine

||6 Dragons | 6 Tigers | 1 Minute Air Skip ||
||6 Dragons | 6 Tigers | 1 Minute Air Skip ||

||10 Crunches | 10 Toe Touches | 1 Minute Air Skip ||

||10 Push-ups | 6 Dragons | 6 Tigers ||

The Morning Workout Media

1. The Morning Workout
2. SHAO The Morning Workout Soundtrack